Bringing Joy and Happiness to Women and Their Families

Mind the Gap aims to transform vulnerable women with dependents in our communities to flourish

About our foundation

Who are we

We are an integrated platform built on compassion to help bridge the gap between the heartfelt givers and those who have fallen through the gap.

Why it matters

We believe that as a collective, we are able to do so much more together for WOMEN who have fallen through the gaps caused by oversight, ignorance, misinformation and apathy.

Our Commitment


We are a voluntary organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between the gracious givers and women who may have fallen through the gap created by a disconnect in information, communication and coordination.

We provide aid in terms of food resources and connect them to livelihood opportunities within our network.

How You Can Help?


This pandemic has brought out the goodness of people and shared kindness that society collectively can do more together. We want to fill in the gaps to smoothen this process and we believe that WE CAN with YOUR support.

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