About us

We are an integrated platform built on compassion to help bridge the gap between the heartfelt givers and those who have fallen through the gap.

About us

Delivering practical solutions to the people in need

Mind the Gap is an organisation that enlightens and enriches both givers and receivers. It is an ecosystem that strives to build a balance. Just like yin and yang consistently helping and supporting humanity.

The flow of the infinity logo represents the endless of infinite opportunities and possibilities. It’s meant to be the symbol of simplicity and balance. However, MTG recognises the gaps in the system between the privilege and the less fortunate women in our communities, thus the breaks seen in the flow of our symbol.

We believe that by helping the nucleus of family in our communities which are the WOMEN, we not only support them, but STRIVE to give STRENGTH which can spread ultimate JOY and HAPPINESS to their families.

Why it matters

We believe that as a collective, we are able to do so much more together for WOMEN who have fallen through the gaps caused by oversight, ignorance, misinformation and apathy.

If the trend continues, the disconnect between the giver and the beneficiaries will only get wider.

This situation will only get worse as funds, food and aid becomes more scarce and more people in these gaps get weaker and vulnerable to starvation, virus infection and other life altering issues.

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