Our commitment

Why we mind the gap

Mind the gap refers to the thousands of people who fall through the gap that society may have created from being blindsided by lack of awareness, bureaucracy and apathy.
The mind the gap group was conceived in the love for humanity, forged in the need for solidarity and acted upon by the need for urgent change.
Kudos go to thousands of generous causes that help those in need, yet millions in need are still out of sight and out of mind.
Mind the gap is here to fill that gap and fill their lives with basic existential requirements and most of all, love.
After all, there’s a priceless joy in the receiving and certainly invaluable gifts in the giving.


Growing #mindthegap community

This pandemic has brought out the goodness of people and shared kindness that society collectively can do more together. We want to fill in the gaps to smoothen this process and we believe that WE CAN with YOUR support.

The Current Gaps

What is happening now?

i. Non–Inclusive communication and distribution of goods.

ii. Overlapping of distribution

iii. Unfair frequency of distribution.

iv. Mismanagement of funds and essential supplies.

v. Tracking of essentials distribution not transparent and communicated

How we can improve it?

i. By having a community platform to connect the givers and the receivers.

ii. Track and map distribution and information in real-time.

iii. Get organized support from official organizations.

Be a Giver

Our infectious joy and happiness is spread not just by giving, but being part of a blossoming journey of transforming the lives of women and their families.

Volunteer with Us

Do you and your family need support?

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